Salon de Normandy by The Community / 17—20th October 2019 Salon de Normandy by The Community / 17—20th October 2019
After 8 Books

After 8 Books present a bookshop and programming in the Piano Room, Ground Floor.

After 8 Books is an independent bookstore and publisher based in Paris. The bookstore, onsite and online, welcomes the printed endeavours of contemporary artists, thinkers, writers, musicians, poets, and other art workers. At the Salon de Normandy, we will propose a ‘handpicked’ selection and organize several readings and will host the launches for some new publications.

Thursday 17th at 19h00: launch of Tinted Window - 2nd issue of this single-subject-objet periodical from London.
Friday 18th at 17h00: launch of the newest issue of Provence - a maybe-about-fashion-maybe-not publication from Zurich.
Saturday 19th at 18h00: launch of Aapo Nikkanen’s book “>be me - a collection of greentexts”
Sunday 20th at 17h00: launch of Bill magazine with Julie Peeters. Sunday is not confirmed, might switch to another day.

After 8 Books by Antonia Carrara, Benjamin Thorel, Théo Robine Langlois, and Marco Caroti
Bookstore and Publisher

7 Rue Jarry
75010 Paris

+33 (0)9 72936159

After 8 Books
Auto Body

Auto Body present the group show “A Hotel Setting” in Room 212, 2nd Floor.


Pablo Babinet
Marion Benoit
Tom Bücher
Aurore Chauve
Lorenzo Fecarotta
Semi Kim
Xenia May Settel
Marion Vallerin

Auto Body also presents an installation “Daphne” by Will Rose in the Staircase Vitrine, 1st Floor.

About Auto Body:
Auto Body is a curatorial group and creative platform started by a group of friends in 2014 that aims to engage and re-contextualize existing environments through the exhibiting of art works in unconventional anAuto Body presents the work of eight Paris-based artists and designers in the context of Room 212 at the Hotel de Normandy in Paris. With half of the historic hotel undergoing an extensive restoration and renovation and the other half bustling with guests, a selection of rooms will host projects, collectives, publishers, and exhibitions as organized by the Parisian art collective, The Community.

Auto Body’s installation will include subtle interventions from each artist and designer, transforming the existing hotel room, in effect blurring the line between historical décor and the works themselves. The viewer is invited to step into the world of room 212 and experience painting, upholstery, graphics, and textiles works in situ along with audio and an ongoing live performance.

Auto Body by Tyler Healy, Johnny Knapp, Aria McManus, Claire Read, Georgia Read, Will Rose, Quinn Sherman, and Charlie Stravinsky.

Art Collective

11 Station Road
Bellport, NY 11713

Auto Body
Inner Light

Inner Light presents an exhibition in Room 209, 2nd Floor.

Inner Light by Kim Coussée, Eliott Villars and Gaia Vincensini.
Collaborative Project

Inner Light
Foreign & Domestic

Foreign & Domestic present a solo show in the Petite Salle, Ground Floor.

Michael Iveson’s installation ‘mur/ /mur’ extends his investigation into the social division of space, status and luxury.Iveson divides the Petite Salle into two mutually exclusive spaces. Panels of painted bubblewrap stretched onto wooden frames create an awkward ‘service’ or vestibule space connecting the street entrance directly to the main entrance foyer. The other, more desirable, section of the Petite Salle, features richly evocative bubblewrap paintings which reference the design of new furniture installed in the renovated hotel rooms upstairs, and the abstract compositions of luxury adverts. Installed in and around the structure are several of Iveson’s paintings, two recent diptychs of pigment-leached newsprint with recycled pigment application, and a large new wax crayon painting which evokes the elaborate form of an English stately home’s hedgerows, both decorative barrier and status marker. A semicircular barrier of sandbags hinders access from the Grande Salle into the Petite Salle. The full circle of sandbags is completed in its reflection in the mirrored doorways, thus highlighting the intimate relation between imaginary and physical barriers. ‘mur/ /mur’ divides the exhibition space into high-status and low-status zones, each of which can be observed only roughly through the painted bubblewrap barrier, and plays with visibility, obstruction and access. The title of the work, mur/ /mur, is an aural and visual pun on the English word ‘murmur’ and the French word for wall, mur.

About Foreign & Domestic:
Foreign & Domestic is an itinerant curatorial project focused on supporting site-sensitive and timely interventions by contemporary artists, with an emphasis on collectivity, international and interdisciplinary exchange. Foreign & Domestic grows out the exhibitions and projects curated by Slate Projects at the Averard Hotel in London in the period 2016-18. Salon de Normandy is the first project by Foreign & Domestic.

About Michael Iveson:
Michael Iveson (b. 1984, Northern Ireland) is a painter, printmaker and installation artist based in London. Through his work, Iveson questions the creation and maintenance of social divisions, the interplay between the abstract space of advertising, fear and desire and their concrete manifestations through status, consumption and the lived environment.

Foreign & Domestic by Alex Meurice
Curatorial Project

+44 (0)7792 302850

Foreign & Domestic

Klima presents a group exhibition in the Mid-Renovation Room, 2nd Floor.

Klima is a print magazine dedicated to contemporary creation and academic research. It aims to democratize the academic world through a conversation with the world of contemporary artistic creation. Klima gives a voice to creative, singular and conscious individuals, by relating art, activism and academia. The second issue focuses on the global ecological crisis, the impact of human activity on its environment and the interdependence between the entities that make up the Earth. On the occasion of the launch of the second issue an exhibition is organized, like a 2D extension of the magazine.

Klima Magazine by Antonine Scali-Ringwald, Loucia Carlier, Grégoria Lagourgue, Valentine Étiévant, Romain Noël, Clément Gicquel, Eliott Grunewald, Thomas Le Provost



PAN presents a screening series on Saturday in the Palazzo, Groud Floor.

Spiros Hadjidjanos, Deep Crowd Simulation Breakdown (2019)

Jenna Sutela, nimiia cétiï (2018)

James Hoff, HOBO UFO (2019)

PAN by Bill Kouligas
Music Label

Permanent Cuts

Permanent Cuts presents an installation in the Closet, 1st Floor.

Permanent Cuts is a collaborative project by Cyrus Goberville and Ethan Assouline that was created to organize concert in The Community’s former gallery space. For Salon de Normandy, they will reactivate their programmation activity and invite themselves.

Permanent Cuts by Cyrus Goberville and Ethan Assouline
Experimental Music Project


Permanent Cuts

RareBooksParis presents an archive exhibition and bookshop in Salon St Honore, 1st Floor.

For the first time publicly RareBooksParis will bring together a specially curated selection of rare and out of print titles available for the public over the period of the exhibition.

Book Seller


TG presents a solo show in the Laundry Room, 2nd Floor.

Between 1980 & 1983, Alison Lloyd lived in a small flat in Southend (South coast of England) where she conducted a number of photographic series. Southend, 1982 documents a particular encounter within her bathroom where Lloyd interacts with a changing arrangement of prawns, a mirror, maraschino cherries and an application of pink lipstick to her skin – all housed within her bathtub.

Lloyd refers to these photographic series as ‘events’, that capture a range of speculative and choreographed happenings. These are often re-presented in the order at which they were shot, recalling moving-image capture and its connection to the documentation of performance.

Alison Lloyd is an artist based in Nottingham, England. She has forthcoming solo exhibitions at Peak, London (Spring 2020) and TG, Nottingham (Summer 2020).

TG by Tom Godfrey and Joshua Lockwood-Moran

33 Seely Road
Nottingham NG7 1NU

The Community

The Community presents “welcome2you” a solo show by Nick Sethi in the Salon Argenteuil, 1st Floor.

Nick Sethi is an artist and photographer living in NYC. His work focuses on the ever-changing meanings and relationships of ideas, images, people, and materials over time as they move through both physical and digital space. Nick’s recently released book, Khichdi (Kitchari), published by Dashwood Books, chronicles 10 years of his photography in India, exploring a decade of changes in the country, as well as himself. He has recently collaborated with Hood By Air and Helmut Lang, as well as being featured in Aperture Magazine’s Future Gender Issue. His recent editorial clients include Kaleidoscope, Dazed, Let’s Panic, Marfa Journal, i-D, Vice, and Office Magazine. In addition, he worked with 8-Ball zines to produce a zine fair, as well as The Newsstand, an artist run zine shop in the NYC subway, which was since acquired by and shown at MOMA as part of the New Photography 2015 show.

The Community by Aapo Nikkanen, Benjamin Pöntinen, Jussi Kantonen, Osma Harvilahti, Sini Rinne-Kanto, Tuomas Autio and Tuukka Laurila
The Community is a collective-run platform for multidisciplinary exchange.

7 Rue de L’Échelle
75001 Paris

Relax. Renew. Revive.

The Community
The Gallery

The Gallery @ presents a group exhibition in a Mid-Renovation Room, 2nd Floor.

The Gallery @ is delighted to present new works by the three Los Angeles-based artists: Zoe Blue M., Megan Plunkett, and Amy Yao. Zoe Blue M. paints in rich, seductive colors that help narrate her uncanny pictures. She’s created a personal lexicon from ongoing investigations of the East Asian female body depicted cross-continentally combined with folklore, mythology, patterning and symbolism. Megan Plunkett’s photographs are both alluring and puzzling, often igniting a tingle of familiarity within the viewer. The two new works on view were taken at the famed Santa Monica restaurant Michael’s that she’s used almost as a forgotten movie set, using a combination of live models and silhouette cut outs to build a story. Amy Yao created a series of clay spirals during her residency at the legendary Cal State Long Beach Ceramics Department. These spirals allude to her ongoing concerns with ecology and the environment, and she’s added additional materials into the works, often scraps discarded by fellow residents.

The Gallery by Christopher Schwartz

6200 Hollywood Blvd Suite 3116
Los Angeles, CA 90028

+1 646 256 3711

The Gallery

Titanik presents a group exhibition in Room 210, 2nd Floor.

Titanik is a space for fresh, emerging, experimental, nonconformist, non-commercial and conceptual art, located in the heart of Turku by the river Aura. The non-profit space, run by Arte Artists’ Association, has been presenting a unique programme of exhibitions and events at the same location already for 30 years. In addition to exhibitions, Titanik regularly hosts events such as concerts, talks, lectures and performances. The association runs also an international artist-in-residence programme, focused since 2013 on the intersections of sound art and visual art practices. In addition to Titanik’s programming, Arte organises yearly off-site projects and takes actively part in local art political discussions by advocating visual artists’ interests.

At Salon de Normandy Titanik presents three intense individual performances as well as an intimate installation created in one of the unrenovated hotel rooms at Normandy Hôtel. The installation, consisting of individual works, includes video, text and photography, as well as textile, sculptural and conceptual elements. Titanik is represented at Salon de Normandy by artists Noora Isoeskeli, Antti Jussila, Jari Kallio, Hertta Kiiski, Antti-Juhani Manninen, Kristiina Mäenpää and Antti Turkko. Elina Suoyrjö, the director of Titanik and Arte, participates in the project in the role of a producer. Titanik’s participation in Salon de Normandy by The Community is generously supported by Institut finlandais.

Titanik by Elina Suoyrjö
Non-Profit Art Space

Itäinen Rantakatu 8
20700 Turku

+358 45 899 8772

Umwelt PR

Umwelt PR presents a group exhibition in Room 211, 2nd Floor.

“Baby Creysi” with David Douard, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Max Brand, Dora Budor, Philipp Timischl, Melanie Matranga, Christophe de Rohan Chabot, Anna Solal, François Curlet, with runway presentation by Antonio Castro and guest project by No Conformism.

The baby as an entity cannot exist only in real-time; it is always also a catalyst for an imagined future, a figure for projection born into the cross roads of desires. Baby Creysi brings together a group of works that reflect on the science, pedagogy, technical apparatus and psychodrama that surround “the baby”… Civilisation’s only hope.

Umwelt P.R. by Thomas Jeppe & Rebecca Lamarche Vadel
Curatorial Project

+33 7 68 37 98 73

Umwelt PR
Thursday 17th

Opening night of Salon de Normandy by The Community with:

18h00 LAUNCH: Klima Issue 2 @ Renovation Room2, 2nd Floor.

19h00 BOOK LAUNCH: Tinted Window 2nd Issue, hosted by After 8 Books @ Piano Room.

19h00 RUNWAY SHOW: António Castro hosted by Umwelt PR @ Staircase.

19h30 MUSIC PERFORMANCE: Ange Halliwell @ Palazzo

20h00 AMBIENT MUSIC CONCERT: e/tape @ Palazzo.

We are open 18h–23h. Full programming announced soon.

Friday 18th

Friday of Salon de Normandy by The Community with:

15h00 ARTIST TALK: Nick Sethi gives one hour of unscripted commentary on his 35 hours long slideshow presenting 10 years of work from India, hosted by The Community @ Salon Argenteuil, 1st Floor.

18h00 BOOK LAUNCH: Provence, hosted by After 8 Books @ Piano Room.

18h80 PERFORMANCE: Bendik Giske hosted by Riboca2 @ Palazzo.

19h00 COCKTAIL: Hosted by Novembre Magazine @ Palazzo

19h30READING: Reba Maybury presents a reading from “The Consequences of His and Hers” 2018-19 @ 2nd Floor, please follow staff.

Saturday 19th

Saturday of Salon de Normandy by The Community with:

14h00 ARTIST TALK: Nick Sethi gives one hour of unscripted commentary on his 35 hours long slideshow presenting 10 years of work from India, hosted by The Community @ Salon Argenteuil, 1st Floor.

16h00 PERFORMANCE: Alix Boillot + Julien Lacroix present “Potential Scenography” @ Palazzo.

19h00 BOOK LAUNCH: >be me - a collection of greentexts by Aapo Nikkanen hosted by After 8 Books @ Piano Room.

19h00 PERFORMANCE: MSL: anti/jarri hosted by Titanik @ Palazzo.

19h45 PERFORMANCE: Antti-Juhani Manninen: Mumblecore hosted by Titanik @ Palazzo.

20h30 SCREENING SERIES: Jenna Sutela, James Hoff, and Spiros Hadjidjanos hosted by PAN @ Palazzo.

We are open 13h–23h.

Sunday 20th

Sunday of Salon de Normandy by The Community with:

16h00 LAUNCH: Montez Press: Pfeil Magazin #11 - LOVE @ Piano Room.

18h00 PERFORMANCE: kallio manninen hosted by Titanik @ Palazzo.

We are open 13h–20h.

Alix Boillot & Julien Lacroix

Potential Scenography. The potatooid form is a medium that invites the spectator, the potential player, to project his own images. This performance depends on his imagination, and his ability to play the game. Thereby, blue can be cactus guitar cloud island horse dragon boat flower bottle etc. You can also only see an abstract blue form.

Saturday 19th at 16h00 Performance in Palazzo: Potential Scenography by Alix Boillot and Julien Lacroix.

+33 6 61 06 37 35

Alix Boillot & Julien Lacroix
Ange Halliwell

Thursday 17th at 19h30 Music performance: Ange Halliwell in the Palazzo.

More details to be announced soon.



Mystery and ambiguity have long been established strategies through which artists can ensure focus remain on their music; for e/tape, who’s originally from Slovenia but spent his last decade between the Balearic Islands and the rest of the planet, it is just his level of commitment to sound.

e/tape is a project built on the kind of uniqueness that only arises from a lifetime fulled by a desire to expand his inner self, the outcome is his way of inviting other’s to join on these expanded states of consciousness. To speak broadly, his work could be described as ambient music, though the associations with the heavenly and blissful that this term creates are lost somewhere on the line. Expect your preconceptions about the importance of pulse, tempo and other western musical basics to evaporate in as subtle and rewarding a fashion as possible; his music will likely sound alien to even the most open-minded listener, therein lies his appeal.

Thursday 17th at 20h00 Ambiet music performance: e/tape in the Palazzo.


Montez Press

Montez Press at Salon de Normandy presents Pfeil Magazin #11 - LOVE

a performance by
Adrian Williams

and readings by
Nick Oberthaler,
Clara Jo,
Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann,
Myles Starr and
Christiane Blattmann

Montez Press is excited to hold the Paris launch of the Pfeil Magazine LOVE-issue at Salon de Normandy by The Community in collaboration with After 8 Books in the city of love!

The eleventh issue of Pfeil Magazine looks into the multitude of meanings behind the word love: a positive affection and strong physical feeling which can be addressed to a friend, family, food, God, an object, or to an amorous partner or partners. Furthermore, it questions the expectations which go along with love, whether that love is returned or unanswered. Relationship patterns and role distributions are surveyed, vulnerabilities are assessed, but besides that the Love issue is also about a pregnant male seahorse, an infatuation with a smiling rock, sports and much more.

With contributions by: Adrian Williams, Anneli Schütz, CAConrad, Ceyenne Doroshow, Cyd Nova, Dan Kwon, Emily Pope, Eva Illouz, FORT, Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann, Gina Fischli, Hanna Fiegenbaum, Hans-Christian Dany, Keenan Jay, Maria Jakobsen, Mette Sterre, Monika Baer, Nick Oberthaler, Lindsay Lawson, Stine Sampers, Suné Woods, Theodore Barrow, Thomas Laprade, Vanessa Place and Vincent Ramos.

20th of October 2019 - 4pm

A selection with our latest releases will be on display and for sale at the Piano Room of Hotel Normandy from October 17th to 20th.

Montez Press is an artist run publisher and a radio station. Montez aims to publish texts writing against current critical modalities and theoretical dogmas which inform the workings of the contemporary knowledge economy. Montez is run by A.M. Bang, Christiane Blattmann, Than Hussein Clark, Anja Dietmann, Thomas Laprade, Julian Mader, Emily Pope, Max Prediger and Stacy Skolnik.

Montez Press Ltd.
Unit 29, Penarth Centre
Penarth Street
SE15 1TR London
United Kingdom

Montez Press
No Conformism

No Conformism at Salon the Normandy hosted by Umwelt PR in the bathroom of Room 211, 2nd floor.

Works and ornaments by Marc Asekhame, Noémie Degen and Simon Jaton, Sherian Mohammed Forster, Nelly Hoffmann, Emanuele Marcuccio,Titina Maselli, Eliott Villars and others.

No Conformism is an artist-led gallery project founded by Emanuele Marcuccio in 2016.

No Conformism by Emanuele Marcuccio

+39 346 811 69 78

No Conformism
Novembre Magazine

As a Global Media Partner, Novembre Magazine operates a digital diffusion channel of the Salon de Normandy by The Community.

Friday 18th at 19h00 Novembre Magazine cocktail event in entrance hall: Presentation of issue #12.


Novembre Magazine
Reba Maybury

Reba Maybury will read from a new text that chronicles her labour and its complications in making her submissive men complete a series of exquisite corps paintings for her ranging from November 2018 to May 2019.

Friday 18th at 19h30 Reading in a hotel room: Reba Maybury presents a reading from ‘The Consequences of His and Hers’ 2018-19.

Reba Maybury

Salon de Normandy by The Community will host on Friday 18th the Parisian launch conference and press conference of The Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA). The newly appointed Chief Curator Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel will host a panel conversation together with Founding Director Agniya Mirgorodskaya and Executive Director Anastasia Blokhina. The conference will end with a performance by experimental saxophone artist Bendik Giske.

RIBOCA and Salon de Normandy by The Community have an ongoing press and communications partnership.

Friday 18th at 16h30 Performance: Bendik Giske hosted by RIBOCA2 in Palazzo.


The Community Experimental Space

The Community’s experimental space includes an exclusive selection of unique pieces by international fashion designers whose collections are not yet available in France. The space is an extension of The Community’s multidisciplinary direction. With Femail Forever, Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard, Maria Korkeila, Poche, Sophie Andes Gascon, and Stress Ltd.



Salon de Normandy by The Community
Normandy Hôtel, 7 Rue de l’Échelle, 75001 Paris, France

Opening hours:
Thursday 17th, 18h–23h
Friday 18th, 13h–21h
Saturday 19th, 13h–23h
Sunday 20th, 13h–20h

Sini Rinne-Kanto, Head Curator |
Tuukka Laurila, Director |
Benjamin Pöntinen, Operations |

The Community is a collective-run platform for multidisciplinary exchange.

Salon de Normandy by The Community is a free-to-visit and free-to-exhibit-by-invitation initiative.